Clutter-free Solutions for a Safe Workshop

Having a workshop complete with all the power tools and workstations has always been a dream of mine. But, when you have little children running around, it is not really that safe to have workshop tools and equipment lying around even in a designated area in the house. Not willing to let go of my workshop dreams, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to have my workshop and to make it safe for my kids. I came across Waterloo tool boxes on the internet. The Waterloo Shop Series 26” 6-Drawer Tool Center with Parts Bin and the matching 4-Drawer Workbench look like they would fit right into the area of the garage I’ve set my sights on for my workshop. These look sturdy enough and are fitted with external keyed lock bars to keep my tools and parts out of reach of the little ones.

Keeping your children safe does not only apply to your workshop. There are other items in the house too that can pose hazards to your children. You also have to look for clutter-free solutions for the home to stash away everything that could possibly cause accidental injuries. Depending on the age of your child, you might have to add more safety precautions to prevent your child from playing with or going near things in the house that he should not touch. Baby and child care stores would have safety accessories as plastic safety gates and cabinet ties for toddler proofing your home.

Marking off the workshop and any other area you do not want your kids to go to is always recommended. Use gates or block entryways so that younger kids cannot crawl into these places. Designate no entry zones for children who are old enough to understand. Make sure that your spaces are clutter free. It’s safer for your kids and for you too. The workshop is no place for small kids. But, if they do happen to accidentally wander in, I know that there are no tools that they can trip over or play with since they are safely tucked away from their reach inside my Waterloo tool center.

5 Tips for Budding Mumpreneurs

mumpreneurIn today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common for women to raise a family and run a business at the same time. The ability to run a business from home via the Internet has made this much easier than in the past. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help women who want to become successful mumpreneurs:

1. Be realistic about your time

People who run their own business always have many plans and every intention of seeing them through. However, you will need to consider exactly how many hours per day that you will realistically be able to devote to your business. If you are required to pick your children up from school every day, then usher them to soccer or football practice, these things can seriously eat into your day. It is impossible to effectively run a full-time business when you are only working on it part-time. It is important to figure out your limitations before you start your business.

2. Be realistic about your idea

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Many great ideas have originated from a need. However, if you have an idea that you think might be the next hot product or service, there are some things you need to think about. You will need to consider the cost of bringing your product to market. Do some research into the marketing and production costs of your item. How much will you have to charge for your invention in order for you to make a profit? You will need to decide if your product or service is valuable enough for people to pay the price that you will need to charge for it. Also you need to consider the scope of your operation and whether running the business from home is realistic. There are a number of options to rent office space in Melbourne that may work out more beneficial if your business idea isn’t suitable to a home headquarters.

3. What is unique about your service or product?

In order for your business to succeed, you will need to find a way to make your service or product stand out from other products on the market. Your service or product does not necessarily have to be new or innovative. However, you need to offer it in a way that is different than anybody else. This will help you to create some buzz around your business. This is called finding your unique selling point. It is critical to any business that is just beginning.

4. Research your service or product

You need to determine if the public has a current need for the service or product that you are going to offer. Will there be a demand for it? Family and friends may not always give you an honest answer, so talk to complete strangers on online business forums. Get their input on your idea. Use the constructive criticism they give you to help you decide if you should move forward, do some revisions or completely scrap your idea.

5. Manufacturing

Contact as many suppliers as you can. Doing some price comparisons can eventually save you a lot if you go into production. You should also get referrals from people who are already in business. The online business forums are a great place to network and find out this information.

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9 Most Loved Kids Party Songs

To ensure that your kids birthday is an absolute success, spend some time planning the music. It’s an often overlooked aspect of parties until the last minute, and it can be hard to create a great playlist with limited time to spare!

birthday party
Here are 9 of the most loved kids party songs that you can use to create a fun and happy atmosphere.

I Like to Move It

This song became a huge hit with kids after it starred prominently in the blockbuster movie Madagascar. Kids simply love to get up and dance to this catchy and energetic tune as sung by King Julian in the film.


The old dance-line pop tune that many parents will have partied to in their youth saw a massive resurgence after it appeared in the popular Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. The movie also included some other classics such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Funky Town and Achy Breaky Heart.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

If you have a little Princess who loves her Disney classics, you’ll simply have to play this beautiful ballad at some time throughout the party. There is also an entire CD released with a range of the most popular songs from films featuring everyone’s favourite Disney Princesses.

Hakuna Matata

Another classic Disney song that still gets the kids up and moving is the iconic Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.

I’m a Believer

This energetic Smash Mouth hit is bound to get the kids grooving, especially amongst the Shrek fans. The track was one of many popular songs to be featured in the hugely successful animated film, including Accidentally in Love, Hallelujah, Dance to the Music and the Latin American tunes of Livin La Vida Loca.

Shake Your Sillies Out

There’s nothing better than watching a group of kids having fun and dancing along to this silly track from some of the best songsters in the child entertainment business, the Wiggles. Let the kids go wild and literally ‘shake their sillies out’ with this fantastic party track.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

This great little song from highly popular Dora the Explorer will have the little ones dancing and singing along, while following all the actions by heart. Simple yet fun, this is a hot hit with the younger kids.

Under the Sea

Another Disney classic, this beautiful calypso style pop tune comes from The Little Mermaid, and is a wonderful track to play at your kids party. Upbeat and tropical, all the kids will be grooving along in no time.

Elmo’s World

All the Sesame Street fans will be singing along word for word when this cute and fun party song comes on. Sung in Elmo’s distinctive voice, this track is a great addition to any kids party playlist.

Once you’ve got the music planned, don’t forget to leave plenty of time to choose your kids birthday invitation designs. It helps to have a theme for the party in mind before you start planning everything, so that the music, invites and even the food can all be coordinated to match.

Written by Emma Jane

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The Family that Runs Together Stays Healthy Together

Running is one of the most popular fitness activities today. People of all ages can engage in this activity. You do not need a lot to get started in this sport. But, those who are a little bit overweight might have to go slow and lose some of their excess weight before running. When done with the entire family, running can become a fun bonding experience. Making this sport a family affair can be you own family’s commitment to being fit and healthy.

family fun run
To get started, everybody has to visit the doctor. Your family physician should check if you or any of your family members have any existing ailments that would prevent you from running. Once you get a medical clearance, you can already rally the brood and get into running. Make sure everyone has a good pair of running shoes. Find a place where it is safe to run. Some places have jogging paths and running circuits where people can safely run without having to worry about vehicles on the road. The park is usually a good place for the family to run. Don’t forget to do some stretches before you run. A few minutes are all you need to limber up those muscles and prevent injuries.

Also a must-have during your runs is water. Never go without your water bottles when you go on your family run. You need to stay hydrated. How much water you need to bring with you depends on how long you intend to run. A small 250ml or 500ml water bottle per family member would be enough for a 30-minute run. Of course, you also need to bring a small towel to wipe the sweat off your face. Although they are not necessary, other paraphernalia such as a pedometer and your MP3 player are great to have as well.

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Lessons Children Can Learn from Caring for a Pet

If you have a child, you’ll start hearing pleas from a very young age for a pet. Whether you choose to purchase a goldfish or go down to the shelter to find a furry friend, your family’s pet provides more than just a cute face and friendship. There are many lessons that a child can learn from helping take care of a pet.

caring for a pet
Learning Responsibility

One of the best lessons that children can learn from taking care of pets is responsibility. As you start the family discussion about whether or not to get a pet, you’ll want to go over all of the chores that will need to be done to help take care of it. Divvy out these chores in advance so that your children know their expectations. Chores can include cleaning out a cat’s litter box or small animal cages, providing the pet with food and clean water, and taking the dog for walks. Caring for a small animal and taking on this new level of responsibility can be a great lesson for children.

Learning Commitment

From first stocking up on pet essentials at shops like to walking the dog even when it’s freezing outside, your child will learn that caring for a pet is a long-term commitment. They can’t get out of the responsibility after the novelty wears off, and will learn that some worthwhile endeavours in life require time and effort. Children will learn what it means to be reliable, because they have a living creature that’s depending on them for food, water, and play.

Learning New Methods of Communication

Interacting with a non-verbal creature helps children pick up on emotional cues. They can learn new ways to communicate by becoming attuned to the indications that a pet gives to show its feelings. This is carried over into human interaction, making children more conscious of body language and emotions. Many children are interested in how their pet is feeling, becoming more empathetic in their daily lives.

Learning Unconditional Love

Perhaps the most important lesson that a child can learn from taking care of a pet has nothing to do with purchasing dog collars at and accessories or feeding it every day. They can see that the pet loves them no matter what, which can be a huge confidence boost during formative years. Even when a child has a bad day at school, they can come home and see that their dog loves them for who they are without any judgment. Children may know that they are loved by their parents, but a dog’s love carries no expectations.

These are just a few of the ways that having a pet can change your child’s life. They provide companionship, love, and a reason to take on new responsibility. The lessons learned can be well worth the effort.

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