Ladies’ Wear – Hot Spring Colours

ladies' wear

If you’ve been shopping in town or online recently, you’ll see that the new styles for spring and summer 2013 are well and truly here. Window displays are bright and lively, design details abound and everyone’s dying for the sun to come out and the temperatures to rise so that they can get into Cotton Traders oxford shirts, Cotton Traders womens trousers, lighter tops and the latest sunglasses. For people just starting to explore 2013 trends, here’s a guide to the key colours for ladies’ wear.

Last year’s neon is out, but that doesn’t mean everything’s gone subtle and subdued. Instead, key colours of yellow, green, orange and blue are acid-bright, but balanced with pastel shades of the same tones, clear neutral base colours and classic black and white. The key this season is to be bold with colour – wearing a single colour top-to-toe if you are brave enough, but certainly steering away from safety and giving yourself permission to stand out from the crowd.

Only the truly courageous match catwalk colour with catwalk style, so if you’re more traditional, choose the colours that suit your skin tone and hair-eye colour and then look for low key styles that let the colour do the talking. This could be something simple like a piece of knitwear that you can wear over a plain white vest top or vice-versa – an acid green t-shirt that peeps through a loose-knitted or crocheted sweater.

Alternatively, move away from block colour and go for something that uses this season’s colours in a bright, busy pattern. Unstructured blouses, print shorts, Capri pants and leggings – these are all great ways to blend colour and pattern without feeling too self-conscious. If you want to give a nod to the latest trends but stay with a fairly traditional look, why not match a good quality pair of jeans with a simple tunic top? Pick a colour that works for you, and look for a tunic that has some detailing, which is also on-trend for this season.

Alternatively, several designers showcased classic black and white collections in this season’s shows, dressing models in stripes, sheers and patterns to make the most of a look that never seems to grow tired. White is tipped as being particularly popular, so if you can, search out the perfect skirts, tops and dresses in this simple shade for a cool, serene summer look. Whether you go for colours or not, there’s plenty in this season’s collection to keep you looking great.

The author of this article has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry.

Indoor Earthquake Survival Tips

Earthquake survival tips have become very important facets of disaster preparedness. The primary objective of the said pointers is to develop the ability to quickly react during and after the event of the said natural disaster. By developing the said attribute, anyone can protect themselves and their loved ones from the destructive effects of earthquakes.

earthquake survival tips

Since earthquakes may arise without any warning, the chances of it developing while indoors is a possibility. For this reason, it would be best to know the earthquake survival tips that can be done when this happens.

Drop and cover

If inside the house, it would be best to drop and cover under a durable table or desk. If the mentioned commodities are not available, survivors can drop to the floor and protect the head area with the use of the arms. Hanging objects, exterior walls, mirrors, large appliances, tall furniture, and cabinets should be avoided at all cost.

When inside a high rise building, it would be best to avoid glass windows and other similar architectural elements. Furthermore, it would be best to refrain from using elevators since they might malfunction or the power source might be cut while inside their premises.

Hold on and stay put

If trapped inside the bedroom, it would be best to protect the head area with a pillow and hide under the bed to achieve better protection against falling debris and other hazardous elements. Broken glass can cause serious injuries as such; survivors are encouraged to wear protective footwear before stepping on the floor.

When an earthquake takes place while one is inside a public establishment like a theatre, it would be best to duck down and stay put. Survivors should not leave until the earthquake is over. Afterwards, walk slowly and be on the lookout for falling debris or any object that may fall and cause injuries and other health dangers.


Earthquake survival tips can be quite handy for those who want to make sure that their friends and loved ones will remain safe in the occurrence of earthquakes. Such information is essential because despite the technological advancements that are enjoyed in the 21st century, earthquake episodes are still unpredictable.

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it would be best to become familiar with earthquake survival tips since they can help a significant number of individuals survive the said natural disaster and return to their normal routine afterwards.

Internet Safety Tips For Kids

Kids these days are well versed with the internet. At an early age, they already have their own social networking accounts and they can easily operate the latest gadgets. This is inevitable as their generation happens to be living with this kind of technology. However, it doesn’t mean that they no longer need our guidance.

internet safety

As parents, we should also be aware of what’s happening in the internet so that when our kids ask something about it, we can relate to them immediately. If your kids sensed that you have absolutely no idea of what they’re talking about, they will end up discovering the answer themselves and might get inappropriate answers.

If you have rules inside your house, you should also start having your rules when they surf the internet and start it by placing your computer in the family room or in place wherein most of you stay. If they’re into social networking, be one of their friends or connections and keep them reminded that they shouldn’t be sending personal information to a connection that they don’t know personally.

Let yourself become an example to your children. They should know what are your interests online because they would most ikely mimic what you’re doing.

The internet can either be helpful or harmful to your children as it contains various kinds of information. As parents, you should see to it that they won’t have access to those restricted sites and set a time limit so that they won’t get addicted to it. If they want to play games online then set a time for it and be firm with your curfew.

The internet can also be accessed in their phones and other gadgets so might as well include it in your reminder. Your children should be guided accordingly and you should have time to do it for them.

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Ambro – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Fairy Hobmother and My Dishwasher

My daughter used to ask me if fairies are real and if there are such things as pixie dusts. I know how much children love to hear about these whimsical fairy things but I can’t lie to my little girl. I can’t give her false hope that one day she can see a fairy flying while leaving a trail of twinkling fairy dusts just like Tinker Bell, so I told her the truth. Fairies don’t exist. But when Fairy Hobmother paid a visit to this blog, I want to believe that I might be wrong. 🙂 So who is Fairy Hobmother?

Fairy Hobmother is a known generous fairy in blogosphere. He is bloghopping and rewarding those bloggers who have been helping him to carry on what he does and I am one of the lucky chosen individuals. It’s a very timely visit as I am saving for an integrated dishwasher, just like this one I saw from and the Fairy Hobmother will help me buy the dishwasher I want soon.


Here are the reasons why I like to have a dishwasher.
1. I am washing dishes by hand for years and I hate it that it sometimes result to a pile of dirty dishes just because I’m tired of doing it again and again.
2. I have this habit of scrubbing everything before hitting the sack even how tired my hands are, or else I can’t sleep soundly. With a dishwasher, I won’t need to wet my hands after typing all day.
3. It will be so much easier to clean up…no scrubbing, no air drying or wiping with a dish cloth.

If you are saving for something just like me, you might want to leave a comment. Fairy Hobmother is still doing his rounds in the blogosphere and who knows, you might be the next lucky one.

What is the Role of Water Pumps in a Fountain? Learn About Your Garden

gardenThe use of the water features in the yard of a home has become more and more common as of late. Earlier you would find a fountain placed in large farmhouses or penthouses; however, today with the growing desire to enhance one’s exterior decor, more and more people are adding this beautiful water element to their exteriors. Along with classy and elegant metal artwork, garden fountains also come with other impressive water features, such as water pumps, making them unique and desirable. In order to have colorful and eye-popping fountains and ponds in your garden or patio area, one can have many different types of water pumps to create a beautiful outdoor space. Stock up on all of the latest garden accessories and get ready for spring!

Fountains and Water Pumps for Your Garden

A fountain water pump or pond water pumps in general are available in many different forms and different sizes. Many people prefer to use a submersible pump since it is easy to install. One does not have to worry about adding an extra line or fret about the security of children and pets. You can use small and easy-to-fit submersible water pumps that will easily fit easily in the fountain or pond and keep the water flowing. On the other hand, there are external water pumps available that can be fitted outside the fountain as well. An external water pump occupies less space and is hassle-free. However, it takes more time and effort to install it. Both these pumps have their pros and cons.

Eco-Friendly Solar Pumps

A lot of people are now giving eco-friendly features a chance and a lot of emphasis is being put on the use of solar water fountains. These pumps do not run on any battery or need a supply of electrical energy. In turn, they use the sunlight as the source of energy. These pumps have become popular of late. Similarly, there are other portable as well as big size fountain pumps that are used in commercial as well as residential places.

The best part about fountain and their pumps is that they can operate around-the-clock. One does not have to worry about safety issues with the operation of the water pumps. Most pumps are also available with a valid warranty of one year or more. However, one can also find replacement pumps that are cost-effective ways of replacing a faulty or old water pump. These water pumps are the best option when it comes to keeping the water flowing and keeping everything running in a calming garden space.