Let Children be Children with PO.P’s Garments

Swedish children’s clothing company, Polarn O. Pyret – or PO.P for short – has been a favourite in the Swedish market for almost four decades – and it’s very, very easy to see why. Here’s a lowdown of the company’s unique selling points:

PO.P’s ethos

  • Make “clothes that let children be children”;
  • Make clothes with the requirements of children as the principle concern, and the needs of the adult, too, will naturally be met;
  • Making clothes for children, properly and thoughtfully, will mean that all environmental and social responsibilities will naturally be met;
  • There’s no need to genderise children at a young age.
children's wear

It’s not just PO.P’s ethos and values that make it such a great brand though; their baby and kids’ clothes really do live up to the standards they set.

PO.P’s garments

  • Are unisex – the colours and prints will suit both boys and girls alike, perfectly;
  • Are boldly-coloured and stylish;
  • Are highly functional, and perform for the exact function for which they were bought (e.g. an outer coat should be and is waterproof and windproof);
  • Are made to be so durable and hard-wearing that they can be handed down from child to child, or can be sold on without depreciating in price very much;
  • Are designed with every single little detail in mind (e.g. the zip on the outer coat is covered over to prevent chafing of the chin and cheeks);
  • Form layers – a base, mid and outer – which means that garments can be put together taken off easily to suit the ever-changing weather conditions and activity levels of the child.
children's garments

If the quality and values of the brand weren’t enough to get you checking out the collections, the fact that they also help charity might. During October, they are asking people to bring back their old PO.P clothes back to stores around the UK (excluding NI and ROI) in exchange for a 10% discount voucher which they can then use in store. These returned clothes will then be available in 13 UK stores from the 1-16th November at bargain prices on a special Hand It Down rail and all proceeds of these sales will be donated to this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal. So you can grab a bargain for your little one and still help charity, great right?

Polarno.Pyret store


  1. Entrepremom says:

    I love winter clothes and there are times that I am tempted to buy some of these for my kids but I know they’d look silly on those with the weather here in the Philippines!

  2. Maria Teresa says:

    Those P.O.P. garments look cool, chic, and comfortable! The discount voucher for old P.O.P. clothes is also quite interesting.

  3. I like clothes that are age-appropriate. And PO.P suits my taste.

  4. love and living says:

    beautiful shirts and designs for children, this is good for the holiday season.

  5. Les says:

    those are lovely outfits! I love to see kids wearing outfits with “kiddie” design. Lovely colors too.

  6. Nice clothes…We don’t really buy stuff for Dindin but I am looking forward to Christmas gifts of clothes for her 😀

  7. nuts says:

    I’ll email the link to my friend since winter is coming in few weeks soon.. Looks gorgeous and fab for kids!

  8. I always patronize clothing stores carrying comfortable baby items. The store’s tagline stating “let children be children” is what I Iike most. There are lots of clothing companies selling baby clothes with designs for older generation making them look older for their age.

  9. Marie says:

    awww, I’ve always chosen safe colors so that what my daughter had can we born by the boys, love clothing companies that have such! The photos remind me me I should go autumn shopping now… :/

  10. rj's mama says:

    These are indeed lovely, age-appropriate clothes for kids. Parents should buy clothes like these for their kids, especially for their young girls, instead of allowing them to wear clothes that are too “mature” for them.

  11. jem alvarado says:

    All I can say is that they are cool and trendy. Good thing is that it is unisex, highly functional and of high quality 🙂

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