Getting On The Writing Mood

Three years ago, all I wanted was an online journal where I can share my personal thoughts, my life musings and my family’s adventures. I never thought that it would lead me to blogging/writing and that it would become my passion.

Everyone can write but not everyone is a writer. Though it doesn’t need a special course in school, the drive or eagerness to write is usually innate. Others are venting out their feelings through writing while others are making it as their source of living.

Ever since the birth of the internet, writers migrated to blogging and while some became web content contributors. It’s pretty much easy to start a blog but the real challenge is on keeping it active through frequent updates.

There are instances when you’re not in the mood or in a moment called writer’s block but there are several ways on how to get out of it immediately. Enlisted below are the common ways to get into the mood.

1. Make use of your recent encounter no matter common it may be. You may write “How To’s” or “Tips On” type of write ups and in no time you’ll be amazed on how far you’ve written.

2. Be observant and attentive. An overheard topic or a passersby’s outfit can be a great source of a custom essay or similar write ups.

3. Read something. It may be books, leaflets, term papers or simply the latest issue of the daily newspaper. You can get inspiration from your co-writers as well.

4. Listen to Music. There are writers who can easily get into the mood when they’re listening to their favorite music. The song per se can give you hints on the possible topics to write or perhaps give you the vibe to continue writing all throughout the time that you badly need it.

5. Go outside and feel the nature. Some writers can get into the writing mood when they are in a solemn and green place. The fresh scenery of nature can become a nice ambiance for an inspiring write up.


Ways of Relieving Stress

Every one of us has our fair share of stress encounters as well as varied ways of relieving it. Being stressed out is inevitable and the only way to get out of it is purely subjective. If you’ll continue to think about it then it will stay in your life as well.

If you haven’t identified your stress relievers just yet, the following ways that have been effective to others might work for you as well. Some are just simple ways but there are others that are weird yet effective.

Set a “ME” time

Sometimes being alone can let you clear your mind and meditate on what went wrong. It can help you think of ways on how to solve the conflict thus set yourself stress free. On your “ME” time, you may do one or two of the following:

a) Shop ‘til you drop – spoiling yourself once in a while is not bad. Just make sure you have enough funds because your credit card bill might be another reason of being stressed out.

b) Go the park – sit on one of the benches and just feel the ambiance. You can also ride the swing and play like a child. Those where the times when you don’t worry on things and feeling it again can help out.

c) Eat your favorite chocolate – sweets, especially the chocolates are proven to make you feel happy.

d) Play Bingo – there is no need to go the nearest bingo place because you can check spin & win online. You might win and feel good.

Talk to a close friend

Sharing your problem can help ease out the bad feeling. The mere presence of the person or having someone who is willing to listen is of great help. The person can be a friend or a close relative.

Some Personal Time

We know all you mums out there love your kids to bits. Saying this however you did all have to up with him or her for nine long months as it slept inside your belly. During which the little monster gave you all sorts of problems! Bad moods, made you eat like Godzilla and you couldn’t even have a small glass of wine after a long, long day!

And now they need your constant attention, they make you run around cleaning up their messes, you have to cook, clean, shower them and wipe their bottom. So here is a great way for you to relax as soon as they go to soccer practice or when they finally fall to sleep. The best thing is, you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. So open a bottle of your favourite chardonnay and play some bingo at Ladbrokes.

When we tried it its really easy to join up and they give you a sign up bonus! Its an easy enough game and even if you don’t know how to play it, (which I seriously doubt) its very easy to learn. There is a really nice online community of other mothers just like you (and other bingo enthusiasts) all there to help you and have a friendly chat while you try your luck at the draws!

There are loads of different variations of bingo, and we suggest you try a few to find out which one really gets your juices flowing! You can either get reward points whether you play regular “90 ball bingo” or more exotic versions like “deal or no deal bingo” or “who wants to be a millionaire bingo”. If you ever get stuck they have live chat helpers that can help you out straight away, just remember that when you win don’t shout too loud or you may just wake the little ones up!