Maid Service for a Happy Home and Family

Sometimes my online tasks and household chores are too much to handle. During these instances there are more significant things that are left undone like keeping our house clean and orderly. I understand that as a mother and homemaker, it is my obligation to provide my family a home that is comfy, nice and clean but I am not Wonder Woman who can do many things at a time with the help of super-stamina and super-agility. I don’t have super powers but I know there are people who are professionally trained that could help me with the house cleaning and everything else.

exhausted Moms need help from maid service

I cannot delegate my daughter and my family’s dinner to anyone else but I can get a maid  who will do the house cleaning and the laundry to make things easier for me. There are many local companies like Maid Service Centreville VA that are offering maid services to fit all budget, but how exactly can I get the best maid service? Below are the tips that could help you as well.

•Ask your neighbors, close friends or relatives. They could help you find a reliable and trustworthy house maid.
•Know exactly what the company have to offer before you hire a maid.
•If it’s possible, talk to the company’s clients or look for online reviews and find out what these people think about the company and its services.
•During the first few weeks schedule the visit once a week just to try the service. If you are satisfied with the work, then increase the visits to as often as needed.

With the help of maid service, I can provide my family with a clean and tidy home while enjoying more time with them.

Save with Birthday Freebies, Coupons and Giveaways

Life is getting tougher and tougher each day because the world economy is collapsing. What can we do to survive these tough economic times?

My family made some life-changing habits to survive. We limit the use of aircondition to just 4 hours, half of the usual 8 hours we kept it working. The combination of electric fan and insulation keep us comfortable the rest of the day. We always unplug and not just switch off appliances when not in use. Unplugging saves us a lot of electricity. We also cut our monthly spending on unnecessary things such as watching movies at the theater and/or dining in restaurants. I just cook something special during special occasions and celebrate at home. We get cheaper yet nutritious food without the VAT and service charge.

It was hard at first but when we saw our first bills after those changes, we were motivated to just carry on.  I can’t believe how much money we saved. It is almost 35% of our usual monthly household expenses. Yes, those small everyday sacrifices add up to significant savings. Well, not just that. I have these secrets to share with you. Read on and find out if these could work for you as well.

1. I learned to reap bargains and take advantage of coupons and in-store sales. Most of the time I get 25-50% off the regular price and get free stuff.  That’s a lot of savings.

2. When buying things that are little expensive, I do price check online and compare prices then purchase the item from the store with the best rates.

3. Lately, I got very busy joining online contests and sweepstakes. Yes, sometimes we need to use some extra cash in these hard economic times and try our luck. Sometimes it is not only money sweepstakes you will get from these online websites but birthday freebies as well. I know because I already won twice and got what I wanted for my birthday!

During these really difficult times even the smallest things could help us through. Even if there is improvement going on (I hope so) in our economy, don’t be over confident. Refurbish, join online contests, get freebies and save!

Have a Fruitful Mother’s Day with Jamba Juice Banana Berry™

Celebrate and liven up Mother’s Day with a Jamba by letting your beloved mom  and wife experience the delectable goodness of Jamba Juice Banana Berry™!

Make the celebration even better-for-moms with this blended delight made from apple strawberry juice blend, bananas, non-fat frozen yogurt, blueberries, raspberry sherbet and ice. And because mothers are often busy attending to the needs of every family member, power up her Banana Berry™ cup with a free Energy™ Boost, to add extra B vitamins and botanicals to help support her mental and physical stamina.

With such refreshingly blended ingredients, Banana Berry™ with Energy™ Boost is definitely set to enliven her day, so you can all celebrate Mother’s Day fruitfully. So don’t forget to include a trip to Jamba Juice Bonifacio High Street or Alabang Town Center, as you set the celebration’s itinerary to get a dose of ‘wow’ from this Classic Smoothie™!

*This is a press release.

Internet Brings Families Together

I was in the 3rd grade when Dad left us to work overseas. It was hard for us most especially for Mom to be left alone with 6 kids. I know Mom had those sleepless nights. There were times that I saw her crying silently at night when she thought we were all asleep. Snail mail was our only means to communicate with dad. And whenever there is an urgency to contact Dad, we need to go to town proper which is 30 minutes drive from our house to make overseas calls via telephone operator. We had no choice but to live with that situation for years. If only we have access to internet then, it won’t be too hard for Mom.

Finally, internet was introduced to us! It was in mid 1990’s when the internet made drastic impacts not only to businesses but also to families. There was the rise of instant communication by electronic mail and instant messaging. Thanks to the researchers, inventors and engineers who never stopped to develop and maximize the use of internet. We now have video calls. It increased the quality of communications within households.

Internet brings families together. Families living apart can now share every precious moment with every family member anytime of the day despite of how busy they are. Not only that. Internet also gives great opportunities to stay-at-home Moms like me. I can now work and earn from home. I can join webinars via audio conferencing service, without the need to leave the house and my child. Most importantly, both my family and household bills are well taken care of because of the internet and the modern technologies.