The Favorite Choice of Movie Fanatics

My whole family loves watching movies. Watching relaxes us after a hard day’s work. It has also become our favorite past time. The good thing is, we can watch movies in the comfort of our home while munching our favorite snacks or slouching on bean bags. Our television may not be so big but I am proud to say that we have a very good surround sound speaker system. We have 5 speakers; the left, right and center speakers upfront and the surround-left and surround-right speakers in the rear plus a subwoofer thus, we hear sound all over the room while watching movies and TV series.

My husband is a World War II movie fanatic and because of our surround-sound system he enjoys the more fuller and richer sound; the pounding sound of canons, blasting, etc. That is the advantage of having a good surround sound speaker system (regardless of how big your television is) over watching with two-speaker stereo. That is why surround-sound technology is the favorite choice of movie fanatics and consumers of home theater system.


  1. May says:

    My husband is a guns fanatic so good action movies with soldiers and war and meyhem are right up his alley. 🙂 I’m the forever romantic movie gal so those are my kind of films while anything cartoon is for my kids. Ang galing, may surround sound movie theater kayo hehehehe!

    P.S. Mommy R: sali uli sana sa Colorful Weekend okay? Thanksee!!!

  2. Nothing beats watching movies at home with the family. Throw in some popcorn, and you’re good to go 🙂

  3. kim says:

    oh yeah! i can imagine watching Saving Private Ryan with those speakers with my heart thumping because of the sound, lol!

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