Negative Effects of Corporal Punishment to Children

I am a mother so I know how challenging it is to discipline a child. It is sometimes provoking and is frustrating most of the time. But is corporal punishment really necessary?

When I attended the’s 2nd anniversary, one of the speakers is Ms. Vanessa Garon of Golden Values School and one of the topics she discussed is “Tough Love” which is about corporal punishment. If you think that it won’t do much harm to your kids, then you are wrong. Spanking, kicking, rap of knuckles, etc. to a child’s tender body is traumatic and detrimental that could cause long lasting effects.

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Too much physical punishment especially in young children can cause extreme anger growing up. This anger is then later on expressed as either passive or active aggressive behavior that manifest either towards the one administering the punishment or towards others in the environment. Effects could be:

•Resentment of authority
•Violent behavior towards family or peers
•Displacement to internet most especially on violent games

Sometimes you may think that spanking is effective because your children follow what you say. The real reason behind it is the fear they have for you and not the understanding of why a particular thing should not be done or why a certain behavior must be stopped. Corporal punishment is the worst and least effective way of disciplining your children so stop it before you’ll be sorry.

Watch Movies With Kids

Watch Movies with Kids

Yesterday morning, I watched “Tweenhearts Academy: Class of 2010” with RJ before we went to the hospital for her check up to brighten up her mood. Though the said movie is youth-oriented and rated GP (General Patronage), there are scenes about online chat and dating that was why I watched with RJ to guide her before she looks for free online dating sites.

Seriously, as parents, it is you who can determine if the movie is appropriate for our children or not. Because each child is different, each has different response and reactions to movies. Also, I saw rated GP movies still with scenes perpetrating wrong doings that our kids emulate. So watching with the kids while explaining can give them reassurance and honest information that will help them to understand things. Watch movies with your kids and have the chance to correct what is wrong right there and then and give your point of view by saying, “It is what’s in the movie but this is what I believe” or “I think that’s wrong”.

Code of ethics varies from family to family and the best way to handle movies that are contradicting your values is to be there between the movie and your kids…watch movies with them.

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Designer Sunglasses for Trendsetters

More than two weeks ago, I accompanied hubby to an eye specialist. His left eye was all red and I noticed that there was a little white spot near the center. I was afraid that it might be cataract. I got relieved when the doctor found out that it was just an eye infection. Something got into his eye that was stuck there and caused the irritation and infection. Hubby’s eye is ok now except that the infection left a scar. This always happens to my husband so whether he wants it or not, I will get him glasses this time, designer sunglasses perhaps, to protect his eyes from foreign bodies and to provide him comfort on sunny days by shielding the sun rays.

Many people are not aware that they must protect from the sun not only their skin but also their eyes and wearing sunglasses is the best way to protect them all year round. Proper sunglasses are as important as the sunscreen but how would you know if the sunglasses can give you the protection you need? It should provide UVA and UBV that will give your eyes ample protection. Not only that, sunglasses has now become a part of the fashion trend as well and is great for any season. It adds spice to the wardrobe that is why trendsetters who want to make a statement wear sunglasses.

If you are looking for fashionable designer sunglasses to protect your eyes and add kick to your style, could help you find the right one for you.

Mother’s Intuition

RJ is amazed that I know her every move. I know what’s on her mind, I know when she’s lying or not, I know what she’s going to say or do, and when she goes outside I know where to find her as if I am wearing watch with GPS. It’s because of the innate impulse and natural gift of every Mom…Mother’s intuition.

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There was a time RJ asked me in a sarcastic tone, “What else can’t I hide from you, Mommy?” I know it could be irritating sometimes. She thinks that I am always snooping but I am not. But still I am grateful that I have this wonderful gift of Mother’s intuition.

If you are a new mother or about to become one,
has anyone told you that much parenting is a learned behavior,
not—as we have been led to believe—all instinct and motherwit.

~Sally Placksin~

Young Love

When my cousin Jhanna, the one who just had her debut two weeks ago, was asked what her birthday wish is, she said she hopes that her father would allow her to have a boyfriend now that she’s 18. I smiled because I had my first date at 20. I don’t understand why teens today are over eager to have partners. I know a teen girl in the neighborhood who celebrated her 16th birthday with cake, Sweet 16 Invitations, cotillion and all. It’s like having a debut in advance. After her birthday she thought she is matured enough to get married and have a baby.

young love

When I watched “Tunay na Buhay” (hosted by Rhea Santos) last September 23, their episode was about a young couple who are both 14 years old. I can’t help but sigh and ask myself how they would cope with married life despite their young age. Are they ready for a life-long commitment?

Though young love and teenage marriage are already accepted by society, based on what I have seen around, young couples have less schooling and less opportunities thus, they have more chance of living in poverty. These kids should understand that marriage is not a bed of roses. It’s a life-long commitment so they must be matured enough and are really ready physically, emotionally, and financially before they say “I do”.

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