Fairy Tale Inspired or Pool Party for Debut

It feels good to be back online. I haven’t gone online for four days and I must admit, I missed everything on the net most especially blogging. The last time I was online was Saturday morning then we went to Cainta afterwards to attend my cousin’s debut. They have internet connection there but it’s only the time I can be with my family and relatives again so I chose not to be online because I knew that once I did, no one could stop me from blogging the whole day.

Jhanna, the debutant, was one of my favorite cousins and the daughter of my Aunt who passed away last March. Though we were a bit sad because Aunt Cora was not there to witness her princess’s big night, still the party was filled with colors and laughter.

I love everything in her party; from invitations (though I was hoping she’ll have Smilebox party invitations as suggested) down to her cake and to her gowns. Yes, gowns! She wore three different gowns that night and she just looked as fabulous with each. The make up artist spent four hours on Jhanna’s make-up and hair do.

It was a cute hair style and I watched how the artist did that. I just hope I can apply it to RJ’s hair. And oh, speaking of RJ, my princess was the flower girl. She is so pretty in her ecru dress made from Piña cloth with brown embroidery.

Watching RJ made me imagine how she’ll look like at her own debut. I was wondering if she would like to have the same fairy tale inspired party like Jhanna’s when she approached me and said “Mama, I want a pool party on my debut.” Does it mean hubby and I will be spared from spending for the three gowns and too many decorations? 🙂

Back to School Party for Kids

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Hosting a back-to-school party for your child’s classmates is a great way to say goodbye to summer while welcoming the coming school year. Be sure to inquire among the other parents about new arrivals to the neighborhood so no one is left out. Decorate with numbers and letters cut from construction paper or poster board, some brightly colored streamers and balloons and settle in for one last blast of summer fun!

Make a Craft
Give children apples cut from construction paper and ask them to draw a picture or write a note or poem for their new teacher. Designate a parent to put all of the apples into a manila envelope and deliver them on the first day of school. Provide art supplies like stickers and pictures cut from magazines or foam shapes in summer themes along with glitter, crayons and a glue stick and let children build a “summer memories” collage. Have a marker on hand for signing and dating the masterpieces.

Play Games
Break out last year’s schoolbooks and copy vocabulary words, math problems or chapter questions onto flashcards. Help refresh their memories by having a Spelling Bee, Math Marathon or Trivia Tournament. Make losing sweeter by giving the children a pencil or eraser for their goodie bags as they drop out. The winner gets a school-themed prize like a fun character notebook or lunch box.

Get Some Exercise
Head outdoors for a few fun summer games like a water balloon toss or sack race. Have a bubble blowing contest or try to keep beach balls aloft. Assign teams to encourage children to make new friends. Reward every player with a small box of crayons or a sheet of stickers. Fill a pinata with school supplies and let the children swing away.

Have a Healthy Snack
Build a “Food Pyramid Salad Bar.” Place veggies like shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and diced carrot and cucumber into large bowls at the bottom of the pyramid. Move up to smaller bowls filled with proteins like chopped egg, sliced turkey, diced chicken or tuna salad. Place small bowls containing toppings like olives, shredded cheese and reduced calorie Ranch dressing at the top. Give the children a whole-wheat tortilla or wrap and let them build their own snack. Serve with apples and raisins in yogurt or a bowl of fresh fruit. Instead of baking a cake, make cupcakes and pipe each child’s initials on the top with icing. Everyone gets a cupcake – when they find it! Keep a few blank cupcakes and some extra icing on hand in case of unexpected arrivals.

Book Exchange Get into the back-to-school spirit by asking guests to bring an inexpensive storybookwrapped in construction or notebook paper and printed with their names. You may want to suggest a line such as “I Can Read It Myself” or “Little Golden Books” to guarantee equal gifting. When they leave at the end of the day, give each child a book to take with them. See you in school!

Keep Your Children Safe – Look…Listen…Learn!

I am grateful that someone gave this book “Look…Listen…Learn!” to RJ. Though I can’t remember who you are, “Thank you very much!”

safety tips for children

Just like adults who need to learn road courtesy and basic automotive trouble shooting, even if they have roadside assistance plans to prevent road accidents, children need to know what are the unsafe actions and conditions inside and outside their homes that would lead them to injuries and accidents. Children are inquisitive by nature and they want to explore their environment from time to time. As parent it is your responsibility to educate and explain to your children why they need to wear helmet when riding a bike, why they should not put metal objects in electrical sockets, or why they should not cross the streets alone. “Look…Listen…Learn” will help you explain to your children why.

safety tips

It is a collection of short stories of safety messages written in simple language that your children can understand. Educating your children in a form of story is a great idea because children are always interested to stories shared with them. They listen and remember the stories later.

Don’t just say “NO” to your children. Give them the information they need to play safe and stay safe. Keep your children safe…look…listen…learn!

Blogger’s Day and ParenTIN.tv 2nd Anniversary

I finally had a time out, away from my keyboard last Saturday, September 10, 2011. It was surprising that I survived a day without internet. I spent the day with Mommy Blogger friends celebrating the ParenTIN.tv 2nd anniversary and blogger’s day at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Libis, Quezon City.

Before the program started, we were asked to have lunch first and I forgot that I am on a diet. Who wouldn’t be with a sumptuous meal like this?

The buffet was prepared by Chef Bienvenido B. Chavez of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Thank God the program started before another pound would be added to my weight that day.

Ms. Christine Bersola Babao, a multi-awarded host, hosted the said Blogger’s Party and greeted us all with a big smile and warm welcome.

She created ParenTIN.tv two years ago to share parenting lessons, her personal experiences as a Mom, make friends and touch lives. Now ParenTIN.tv has 40 parenting episodes, 11 successful events and more than 2,000 members which all mark its success and she’s very thankful. According to her, ParenTIN.tv is ardent to share more parenting episodes on developmental milestones and toddler tips in days to come that can be watched on its website www.parentin.tv, Knowledge Channel and Sky Cable Ch. 42 with the following schedules…

• Sundays 8 p.m.
• Mondays 7:20 p.m.
• Wednesdays 8:40 p.m.
• Saturdays 9 a.m.; 2 p.m.; 9 p.m.

Of course parenting is not just taking care of the babies and toddlers. If there’s the hardest part I think it’s parenting teenagers. That is why ParenTIN.tv came up with the search for Teen Bloggers because they wish to know, see and hear the feelings of teenagers. If you are a teen blogger and interested in the said search, you can send your articles to hello@parentin.tv.

Ms. Christine Bersola Babao is also known for being a mompreneur. Now that Christmas is in the air, ParenTIN.tv wants to help mompreneurs to earn extra this holiday season. They just launched another online promo that gives enterprising Moms an opportunity to win a free booth at The Grand International Importers and Exporters Bazaar in World Trade Center Hall A from November 11-20, 2011. All you need to do is turn in successful referral and you’ll have the chance to win. The value of booth is Php60,000 and two winning moms and dads can share it to sell wares this Christmas. You can email t.bersola-babao@parentin.tv for inquiries.

Guest speaker Vanessa Garon of Golden Values discussed about Internet Addiction and Aggressive Behavior.

A student from Golden Values (name withheld to protect her identity) who is undergoing therapy shared how she got addicted with the internet and used it to escape from real life until it led her to cyber sex. The other student shared how tough discipline from his parents pushed him to be rebellious and bully in school. Both topics are sensitive yet very informative and helpful to parents like me. It was good that the speakers are quite humorous and know how to break the ice that made the mood lighter.

The other guest speaker Ms. Zonito Torevillas-Tamase, a health advocate, talked about Healthier Foods and Alkalinity.

She imparted her knowledge on the nutritional facts and benefits of Moringa (Malunggay). She made great tasting smoothies for us; mixture of ripe mangoes, bananas and a tablespoon of powdered Moringa. It was so delicious that you cannot taste the Moringa. Ms. Zonito also discussed the right way of drinking water and how it can maintain the body’s alkalinity which is a great tip for hyper acidic like me.

Of course the event won’t be complete without the raffle and awarding of winners from ParenTIN.tv online contests. An intermission number from Ms. Star Orjaliza and giving of cards from Mommy Bloggers to Ms. Christine graced the event as well. Ms. Christine was delighted that the cards were handmade and dedications were hand-written and she gave her heartfelt thanks to Mommy Bloggers.

It was a fun-filled and memorable blogger’s day with ParenTIN.tv and Mommy Bloggers. Each and every one of us went home with gift packs from Smart Steps, Permasoft pillow from Uratex and healthy Moringa chips from Ms. Zonito.

Do you want to be part of ParenTIN.tv? Then head on to their website now www.parentTIN.tv for free registration.

Facebook: ParenTIN.tv – The First Philippine Online Parenting Show
Twitter: @parenTINtvshow.

Why Help Your Child with Homework

Before I continue with my work every night, I make sure that RJ’s assignments are all done. She’s already in the fourth grade but still I guide her with the homework and projects. I make sure that she has all the things she needs to complete her assignments. This is to help her develop positive attitude towards education and life-long love of learning. It is also my way to know what is being taught in school and if the school follows the curriculum. I must admit, it also helps me to update and review myself about metamorphosis, reverse osmosis, properties of multiplication, etc. and I must say there are times I don’t recognize their lessons so I have to do some research.

Lessons now are much different and more difficult because of the advances in technology and everything that is why your guidance is very much needed by your child. Remember that child’s success does not only depend in school but to you as well. As parents, you are the most important teacher your child will have. It not only means supporting their education financially but also spending time with them while they are reading, reviewing or making their homework. Also, don’t forget to commend your child for every good work and accomplishment to inspire him/her more.