Happy and Excited Me

I feel good and happy that after two years we have finally finished paying our bank loan. I received the statement yesterday and was happy to see the “0.00” figures.

Loan Billing Statement

Hubby and I usually say no to loans but with the crunch nowadays, it is hard to live without loans. To cope up with life’s circumstances, we rely on payday loans for emergencies or bank loans to cover the bigger amount of money we need. Though sometimes paying them off are daunting, we are thankful that loans exist.

One more loan to finish and we will be free from obligations, except of course for our monthly electric and water bills which are for life. After that, we can already save for our house improvement. Hubby and I are planning the house renovation long time ago but whenever we are about to save for that, something more important arises.

We want our house to be renovated to improve comfort. Our girl is getting bigger (so are hubby and me, lol!) so we need bigger rooms. It won’t cost as much though to refresh our living space but still we need to save and plan the renovation very well to maximize our small house. I can’t wait to save enough for that. Just the thought of having my dream kitchen with granite counter tops excites me.

Colorful Birthday

Saturday was indeed colorful because it was our unica hija’s 9th birthday. Weee! Original plan was to have a party but the celebrant changed her mind on the last minute. She just wanted the three of us to eat at KFC. But birthdays are not complete without balloons and cake so hubby and I surprised RJ with colorful balloons and with her favorite cake which is Red Ribbon’s black forest (with nine colorful candles) to give her a colorful birthday.

birthdaythe birthday celebrant…happy with our surprises…

birthday cake made her wish and blew the candles…

birthday celebrant

pretty even with uncombed hair.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken.



We love you very much!


A Parent’s View About Sex Education in Schools

The issue of sex education in school remains controversial because of the criticisms both from political and religious groups who claim that sex education is against “Catholicism”. These groups may not understand that in sex education it is the biology, the consequences of teenage marriage, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and the likes, are what being discussed and not the “act” per se.

I remember we had Population Education when I was in junior high…that was 1987 if I remember it right . Indeed, it was very educational. It didn’t give me curiosity or the urge, but instead it helped me develop self-respect and moral responsibility. I got married a little late (28 years old) and all of my siblings got married on their mid-twenties because of sex education both from school (only me) and my Mom. Mom is liberal minded and she answered all the things we wanted to know about sexuality. It helped us to be prepared physiologically, psychologically and sociologically thus no teenage marriage and unwanted pregnancies in the family.

I am Catholic since birth but I don’t see any reason why sex education should not be implemented in schools. As a parent, I am pro to sex education but still it would depend on the child’s age. I am not in favor for it to be integrated in elementary subjects like what Department of Education has been strongly pushing before as it will take away the children’s innocence. So when I learned that sex education was finally integrated to high school curriculum in the country, I was one of those happy parents.

Still, sex education should not be left alone in school. As parents we should work hand in hand with the school to bridge the gap on sex education by being prepared to our children’s questions about sexuality and by feeding them accurate answers.