RJ and the Chipmunks

Remember Alvin, Simon and Theodore, the troublemakers yet lovable chipmunks? RJ had her photo opp with them. Good thing Dave was not around or else he won’t let RJ to get near his singing Chipmunks.

The Chipmunkswith Simon…

The Chipmunks

with Alvin…

The Chipmunks and Thedore.


  1. alvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this chipmunk..nakatatlo akong panuod dito..
    Visiting from colorful’s my
    Colorful Weekend..
    Inviting you to join Orange tomorrow till Saturday.
    Have a nice day!

  2. How cute! I watched all the movies. I am wishing there will be part 3 hehehe. The photos are so colorful. My share for the Colorful Weekend #3 is up!

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