Free Hot Health Treatment

I had another great “Me” time this week. Would you believe it’s free? I was blogging in our terrace using my lappy when three women approached and asked me if I want to try their portable steam bath. I was hesitant at first but after making sure that there’s no string attached, I tried it. They set up the unit in a few minutes then there I go.

Portable Steam Bath

The unit is like a tent, only it uses high quality polyurethane siding to retain all heat inside and prevent as little steam from leaving as possible. It comes with a remote controlled steamer machine where one of the women pour 1 liter of water with ginger and lime juice. According to her we can use any kind of herb that is good for the skin or anything that we believe is a good antioxidant, even coffee or milk.

I was asked to drink a glass of water while waiting for the water in the steamer to boil. It’s a half body steam bath so I sat on a monoblock chair to cover up to my neck. I was inside for about 20 minutes and I perspired so much. I had a great free hot health treatment…a very relaxing “Me” time that keeps me sane the whole week.



  1. Maan says:

    Looks good!

    Dropping by via TBE.
    Followed you through GFC as well.
    Hope you can drop by my site too!

  2. J Allyssa says:

    Wow, I want din! 🙂 Are they selling the steam bath? That’s very space-friendly.

  3. rj's mama says:

    looks like it’s made from banig, but if you look much closer not naman pala 🙂

    Mom-ME time is again up!

  4. Lito says:

    Yes! Nasubukan ko na yan and okay siya. San po pwede makabili nyan? Thank you!

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