Super Mom

I wake up at 4:30AM, cook our breakfast and prepare our breakfast and packed meal for hubby and RJ. After breakfast, I arrange hubby and RJ’s clothes, bags and things and make sure that they haven’t forgotten anything. Once I am left alone in the house, I clean all the litters and fix everything that hubby and RJ left in disarray. Then I cook my lunch (sometimes not and just have bread and a cup of good coffee) and ready myself to be in the mood for blogging. RJ arrives at 4:30PM and I now prepare her snack and at the same time, cook food for dinner. After eating, I wash the dishes and make sure that the kitchen is spick and span. Do you think my day ends there? Nope, I try to watch “Amaya” and read books (my favorite hobby). On weekends, I wash our clothes and iron them afterwards. Don’t get me wrong as I am not complaining. I just want to share my daily routine to justify the picture below.

The other evening, while hubby is using the computer, all he can hear (according to him) in the living room is the sound of the television and he assumed that I and RJ are just watching our favorite TV show. He took a quick look and found RJ sleeping already and me reading a book…and so hubby thought. After a closer look, maybe because of sheer exhaustion, my physical being can’t take it anymore. My body wanted some rest and sleep was the only remedy.

sleeping soundly with Mary Higgins Clark book on my lap…

Hubby got his cellphone and took this picture. He believes that a Super Mom needs souvenir…a proof that indeed I am a Super Mom. Well, that’s what hubby proudly said.

My Tabachingching Model

When I was still young, I used to spend nights dreaming to be a model. I even joined our school’s contest for “Ms. Posture Search”. I won as second runner up and was happy to take home a trophy and sash.

Last Sunday, I was folding our clothes when RJ took one of the cloth diapers that I was folding. She used it as shawl then got a shoulder bag and walked like a model. Like Mother like daughter. Lol! RJ then asked me to take some pictures of her while she’s modeling. I immediately complied as I am a stage mother who is also a huge fan. Presenting my Tabachingching model…

Model in Red
Role Playing
Pretty Model

I just hope RJ will get her Dad’s height and not mine. Kids naturally love role playing. Let’s just play with them and help them understand the adult’s perspective.

Rainy Father’s Day

Our original plan was to celebrate Father’s Day at Yellow Cab but the weather didn’t permit us to do so. It was a rainy Father’s Day so we decided to just celebrate at home. We bought roasted chicken from Baliwag Lechon, cake and ice cream. Sadly, we have no pictures to share as I was busy savoring hubby and RJ’s presence after a week of being home alone. I love watching them as they talk about RJ’s crushes in school. Gone are the days of diaper change and hubby is having a hard time admitting that sometimes. If only he could bring back time.

father and child playing bubbles

This is one of my favorite pictures of hubby and RJ. This was taken when we went to Baguio 6 years ago.

father and child

In this one, I don’t know how RJ was able to convince hubby to pose with her like this. Lol!

…and this is their latest photoshopped picture together. (I changed the background because the original is not pleasant to the eyes)

Hubby is a loving, sweet Dad that every little girl would love to have. I know many father are like him that’s why I do not understand why Father’s Day takes back seat to Mother’s Day. Fathers deserve the same fabulous gifts, the same attentions and the same tributes as Mothers receive.

To you my dearest husband, to my Dad and father-in-law, to my brothers and to all great Dads out there…belated HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Back to School

Back to school! RJ is now a fourth grader. I went with her to school on the first day of classes as I still have some things to tackle in school. She was so excited and I saw how happy she was to see her friends and how eager she was to meet her new classmates.

When I was about to go home, I was calling her but she can’t hear me. She was so engrossed chitchatting with her friends. It seemed like she needed hearing aid with powerful hearing aid batteries for her to hear me and respond at once. I can’t blame her though. She must have missed her friends so much because she hasn’t seen anyone of them last summer vacation. Look at her smile…priceless!

Back to School again
It’s another year of journey for RJ and I am confident that it will be smooth sailing throughout. She is in star section again and included in the Proficiency Enhancement Program (PEP) in English, Mathematics and Science. It’s a privilege to be included in PEP class as advance lessons and extra activities will be given.

Back to School

Our unica hija is back to school and we are happy that she always makes us proud.