Is Having One Child an Advantage

It will be opening of classes in two weeks. We’re done with enrollment, and everything is set; RJ’s bag, shoes, uniform, books and school supplies. It’s depressing though how much a good education costs nowadays. My neighbor said we are lucky to have only one child to send to school and because of that we can afford a good quality education. Sometimes, I want to believe that it is an advantage that RJ is our only child because there are always more for her. But is having one child really an advantage?

There are times RJ is asking for a baby sister because she feels lonely. There are also times she wants to play but she has no playmate so she is bugging me if she can go outside and play with kids in the neighborhood instead. How about when we get older? She will be the only one who will take care of us and shoulder the whole burden of our hospitalization, medicines, etc. We do not want that to happen that is why we got pension plan and will get seniors life insurance.

If only I could have more than one child, I would have as many as I want but due to health reasons, I am afraid I can’t. Life is not always fair. We are still lucky though because there are couples who have no children. Their life must be lonely and I feel for them. We may only have one child but she brings us just as much joy and happiness and for that, we are grateful.

First Grown-Up Learning Experience

Teaching RJ how to tell time was a big step for both of us. It was her first grown-up learning experience and it was my first time to feel how big she has grown. RJ was five when I started making a toy clock out of paper plate, drew numbers on it and attached big hands. I showed her how the hands work, that each time the third hand goes round, it is one minute, that each time the long hand goes round it is one hour and that each time the short hand goes round twice, it is one day. My only purpose then was to test if she is ready to learn the concept of clock and time but she was so amazed and got interested and so we did that everyday for one week.

Until one day, I was asking hubby what time it is when RJ answered while looking at our wall clock. We were all surprised. I was glad that she easily picked up through my effort. Now that she’s eight years old, it’s not so surprising if she can tell the time using watches that are as complicated as the 6-hand chronograph Meister Watches.

Teaching your kids how to tell time may sound as simple as you may think but it is not. But then with your right approach, effort and patience, your kids can learn easily.

A Lesson Learned

When RJ had sore eyes (conjunctivitis), I pitied her so much. It was her first time and it was quite distressing for me. Her eyes were not swollen and there were no yellow sticky discharge but she was so irritated by the scratchy and burning sensation. Both eyes were red all over and I was afraid they might bleed. That’s how red they were. She can barely open them and looked like she needed bushnell rifle scopes to see things clearly even from a short distance. Poor RJ!

When I brought RJ to her pediatrician, the first thing she asked me was, “did you go swimming?” Then I said, “Yes. How did you know?” As per RJ’s pediatrician, there are different causes of conjunctivitis but most kids that were brought to her clinic with conjunctivitis just had swimming this summer from public pools and that’s how they got the virus or bacteria.

I feel like it’s somehow my fault. RJ has goggles to protect her eyes but she didn’t wear it. As her Mom who knows what is best for her, I should insist. It was a lesson learned though. I won’t ever let RJ take the dive without her goggles. It is a swimmer’s essential piece to protect the eyes most especially the kids, not only from viruses and bacteria but from other irritants as well such as salt, chlorine and other chemicals.

The Marvels of Medical Scrubs

I accompanied RJ to her pediatrician last week due to her sore eyes. She was not in the mood because she was so irritated by the burning and scratchy sensation in her eyes but her face lit up upon seeing the nurses in their scrubs with cartoon characters. The sight somehow eased her discomfort. It was great to see her smiling even when she’s irritable. That’s the marvel of these stylish medical scrubs. Unlike during the time when I still had my duties in the hospital, the uniforms were so plain so to speak making the ambiance dreary.

Medical scrubs are now worn in different medical facilities worldwide. And if you are looking for one, there is a full selection of Cherokee scrubs to choose from that come in variety of styles and designs. With these fashionable scrubs, you can still look and feel your best while working. You can attend to your patients, run to errands and perform your other duties while being comfortable at the same time. Now that there are also Maternity scrubs available, you can enjoy the comfort of these medical scrubs even if you are pregnant. Maternity scrubs from Cherokee are in flattering styles and available in range of sizes so you can choose the size that fits you best.

Nowadays, I also see people who are not in medical field yet they are wearing medical scrubs because of the comfort it brings. Why not? The material is very lightweight and easy to wash. Plus at the end of the day, all you have to do is change to your regular clothes, place your scrubs in the laundry bin and go home without worrying of the germs and bacteria that you could possibly pass on to your loved ones.

Playing Out in the Rain

It rained cats and dogs yesterday. RJ asked me if she can play out in the rain. I was hesitant at first but then I remember my childhood. Playing in the rain was my favorite thing to do with my siblings and cousins. We were barefooted playing tag, hide and seek, etc., unmindful of the muddy ground. And so my nostalgia became RJ’s pass to play out in the rain. Lol!

playing in the rain

Yes, no wellies, coats and umbrellas, didn’t mind to get wet and dirty just like we were. Watching RJ play with her friends made me feel like a child again.

out in the rain

How about you, do you let your kids to play out in the rain? When there’s no lightning and thunder and it’s not so chilly, don’t you think it’s good for your kids to play outside than to be cooped indoors and get bored? Thumping in the water and jumping into created puddles are fun not to mention the other games that your kids can play like tag, volleyball and football. It’s sad when kids are not allowed to get wet and splash out in the muddles and muds sometimes.