Dear Daddy

I would like to thank Mommy Chris for bringing up this week’s theme. If not for this, we won’t be aware how RJ feels about her dad working so hard. I asked her to write a letter for Daddy and so she wrote this…

Dear Papa,

I am very sorry because I have been a bad girl to you. Sorry because I am giving you hard work. I am guilty for what I have done to you. I thank God for giving me kind, loving, caring Daddy. I love you very much!!! Mwaaah…


Oh my, she thinks Daddy is working hard for her and she feels guilty about it. So as soon as I read her letter, I talked to her. I told her that sometimes she’s “makulit” but she is not bad. I explained to her that Daddy is working hard not for her alone but because he wants us to live decently. Then I hugged her and kissed her.

RJ is chatty but we did not know that she has this feeling inside. Again, thank you very much Mommy Chris! From now on, I will ask RJ to write letters for us more often. Sometimes our kids have something in mind that we do not know and helping them to express their feelings and listening to them can ease what they feel and erase those guilts.

New Wall Clock for Our Kitchen

As they say, time is gold. Yes, it is! Every second time passing is very important especially for a work-at-home Mom like me who has no helper. I am not complaining. It is just that I have online tasks to finish all the time not to mention the household chores and taking care of our angel that is why I am very much time conscious. Believe it or not, there’s a wall clock in every room in our house, even in the kitchen. And now that the one in the kitchen just stopped I need to buy a new one. I like that clock but it is not working anymore even if I have changed the batteries already. There are literally thousands of decorative wall clocks in the market anyway and I can choose from antiques, to classics and contemporary.

I think this one will look good on our kitchen wall. It will make a good contrast on the yellow paint. This decorative wall clock is with rich blue segments that rotate outward to mark the hours with a pleasing spiral pattern. It has very large display that I can see even when I am cooking, thus, it will save me from having to go to another room to check the time.

You may find it OA to have a clock in every corner of our house but believe it or not, they help me balance everything, from my work to my family time.

Our Deepest Sympathy

High school life is the most exciting stage of my life as a student. I had so many friends from different groups when I was in high school but got only two best friends, Hazel and Mylene. We were all welcome on one another’s family and often did hang out at one another’s place.

Me, Hazel and Mylene

Just like my parents, Hazel and Mylene’s parents are all very kind and understanding. They understand if we need to sleep over or have “lupakan” or make “nilupak” on their places. By the way “nilupak” is a combination of pounded bananas, coconut meat, sugar and vanilla.

All of our parents were very supportive with our projects and programs in school. They even prepared snacks whenever we have rehearsals. It’s been twenty three years and it’s sad to know that Mylene’s dad passed away last Saturday, February 19, due to kidney problem and some complications. I know how hard it is to lose someone in the family. How I wish I was there to comfort Mylene.

To Mylene and the rest of her family, our deepest sympathy and condolences.

I know, the grief that follows is often very painful so Mylene, if you need someone to talk to about who your dad was or what was special about him, or if you just want to hang out with me, you know how to contact me.