It’s Kissing Time

Kissing is common in our house. It is our everyday thing just like saying our I love you’s. It’s typically an expression of our affection. I kiss RJ on the lips while Rhonnel kisses her only on her cheeks since she turned 7 years old. I also kiss RJ to comfort her and sometimes I kiss her bruise to make her feel better and tell you it works. I think its the psychological reaction.

From Baby to a Little Lady

This is what kept me busy last week, video making. Since I learned how to make a video at Windows Movie Maker, I want to make compilations or videos of our memories. It is  exciting and there’s the feeling of fulfillment after watching my finished project. I made two videos, one for Rhonnel, as my gift on our wedding anniversary on the 30th and this one for RJ, a compilation of her pictures since she was born. We are very proud that she is growing pretty gracefully.
It is nice to look back at her pictures…from baby to a little lady.

NO Dear

Before I got married, my Mom said that I should stand by my spouse no matter what. She is right and I agree with her 100 percent but this does not mean I would say YES all the time. I am my own person and so is Rhonnel. We both have our own minds, likes and dislikes and we do not hesitate to say NO when…

•We are too tired for a very romantic night
•One wants to watch a movie and the other one does not want to
•One wants to buy a thing and the other one knows that we cannot afford it
•I am tagging Rhonnel along the wet market (he hates the smell)
•I am tagging him on crowded places like Divisoria
•He wants to buy a motorcycle
…and so many more NOs depending on our moods, ehehe.
Many people find it hard to say NO most especially to their spouses. Just be frank and use sympathetic but firm tones like, “I am sorry but I cannot…”, but do not be over apologetic. Do not give the person false hopes too by saying, “Let me think about it then I will get back to you” if you know that you will not change your mind anymore. The person will keep on bugging you and I tell you it could be very annoying.
On the other hand, if your spouse says NO, do not over react or get pouty. Most of the time, he or she has his/her reasons. It would be better if you will talk about it and listen to his/her reasons. When one or both of you are not listening to each other and cannot take NO Dear for an answer, then you have a problem in your marriage.

Information and Resources in Moving Out

Moving out is not easy. Take it from me because we moved out a lot when I was still young. From the city we moved to the province; from the province we moved back to the city; from one city we moved out to another city…and so on and so forth. And my task? To look for the best yet cheapest movers in town, with the directory on my lap, I was dialing for hours and bargaining with them.
Today it is different. Looking for a trusted mover is a lot easier. You do not need to dial for hours and bargain with the movers. There are moving directories with all the information and resources that could help you compare and find the reliable movers right away so you can choose the mover of your choice.
Moving out is a daunting tasks especially if you are moving out of the estate so a careful research and planning is needed. If you are planning on moving to Phoenix, these directories could not only help you find the best Phoenix moving services but they also has quick facts as moving guides and pros and cons on moving to Phoenix that could help you decide whether or not you should relocate to Phoenix.
The same thing applies if you are thinking of moving to Tucson. There’s a Tucson moving guide to help you get started and you do not need to bother in finding a trustworthy Tucson moving company. Moving out may be is not very easy but it is not difficult either and it could be exciting if you have all the information and resources you need.

Hunt a Treasure Online

For some people treasure hunting is a way to make money but for some it is just a hobby. Treasure hunting is not only hunting for buried treasures like gold and other precious stones. It can also be a hunt for archeology, historical artifacts or shipwrecks. But do you know that you can also hunt a treasure online? Using your wit and knowledge, you must decipher a clue in order to find the hidden treasure. It is entirely virtual so you do not need to leave your home and dig. What great is, this virtual hunting has real cash prizes. I think I should try this Online Treasure Hunt.