Growing Up Too Fast

Every time I watch RJ as she sleeps, I cannot help but feel apprehensions. I am glad that she is growing healthy, pretty and smart but she is growing up too fast and I am afraid that she will be like those kids in the neighborhood very soon. I always hear these tweens (kids between eight and twelve) talking about love, their crushes and beauty products. I do not know what is wrong with the kids these days. When I was their age, I did not care about things like that. Instead, I was playing Chinese garter, “piko”, riding my bike, etc. There were also times that I wished to be kids forever. But seem like kids today are pulling each day to be grown-ups and get involved in things they are not ready for.

How I miss our baby RJ, so innocent and fragile. We like our RJ more now but I hate it when she is asking me questions about lotions, make-ups, crushes and pregnancies. Rhonnel and I are always here to guide her and we are trying our best in instilling her good positive values. And though kids now are exposed to things way too early because of media, I know our RJ would be the same sweet loving girl.


Pink for Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Pink! I did not have a hard time looking for pictures with pink. Pink is RJ’s favorite color. Her things and her clothes are mostly pink.
Sometimes I want to buy her different colored tops but she insists on color pink. She said she is a girl so it must be pink. Why not? Pink represents sugar, spice and everything nice!

The Versatile Blogger Award

I received this blogger award three days ago. Sorry MJ for posting it just now. You know Mommies like me have so many errands to do. It’s been a while since I received a blogging award and I am really grateful. It means that someone believes in me and thinks that my site is fabulous. For this, I would like to thank MJ of MJDotCom.
Second rule is to share 7 things about myself. Here are the 7 things about me that I think you still don’t know.
I am a fan of Bob Ong.
I am too lazy to exercise but I have to.
I am OC and want everything in order.
I underwent fertility work-ups and it is all worth it.
I am a stage mother.
I seldom get mad.
I am currently addicted to isaw ng manok or chicken intestines.
Last rule is to pass this blogger award along to 15 bloggers who I recently discovered and thinks are fabulous then contact them to let them know. So I am passing this to…
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