Supporting and Backing Each Other Up

Supporting and backing each other up are giving us strength.  Rhonnel and I are not just helping each other financially but most especially physically, emotionally, spiritually. This way, we serve as motivation to each other.

Sometimes there are things that I can not do because of my lack in skills especially on computer and other technical matters. Rhonnel is always there to supply that skill and if he is the one who does not have the needed skill then I supply it. We share household tasks and I help him if he has some paper works to finish at home. When the task is over, we give each other compliments, hugs and kisses.

If both of us are not sure of a decision or how to deal with a situation, we ask each others opinion and talk about it. It boosts my confidence every time he says “I need your help” or asks me “What is the best to do?” It just shows that my opinion is that important for him and I love him more for that.

I know Rhonnel from head to foot so I know exactly when he is feeling down or struggling for something. I am always beside him to lift him up. Most of the time when it is office matters, I can not do anything to help him, but I give him encouraging words and massage. And if it is me who is down or not feeling well, he would volunteer to do more of the household tasks. He will also give me some massage and will make me a cup of coffee. Awww, so sweet! These simple emotional supports always make big difference. Just being there to help or listen is like magic that can erase all those worries, negative thoughts, bad feelings and uplifts one’s spirit.

Crispy Sisig

Sisig is the favorite pulutan (beer companion) of Filipinos. This food was originated from Pampanga and is made from chopped pig’s snout, ears and liver. My hubby does not like pig’s snout and ears so I used liempo (pork tenderloin) instead.  Tenderloin is pig’s fatty part but there is a way to drain its fat. Cook it on a heated pan until its own oil comes out. Here are my two recipes of crispy sisig. The traditional and the quick and easy recipe.  I used the quick and easy recipe for the picture below.


beer companion
3 strips of pork tenderloin
¼ kilo of pork liver
1 cup pork brain (optional)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
2 big onions (cut in small squares)
3 green jalapenos (sliced thinly)
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tbsp lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Procedure: Traditional Recipe
Rub the tenderloin, liver and brain with a pinch of salt and pepper. Wrap the liver and brain in a foil then grill. While grilling the liver and brain, heat a non-stick pan. Place the tenderloin in a pan (low fire only). Do not put oil. Let it cook from its own juice until its oil comes out. Let it cook from its own oil until crisp. Remove from pan, chop then set aside. Put the grilled liver and brain in a separate bowl then smoosh separately while adding 1 tbsp of lime on each bowl. On a pan, heat oil. Saute garlic until golden brown. Add onion, the pork liver and brain, vinegar and soy sauce and cook for 2 minutes. Add the chopped tenderloin and green chili peppers then mix. Remove from heat. Squeeze lime then serve hot.

Quick and Easy Recipe:
This is almost the same as the above procedure. But instead of pork liver and brain, you can use 1 can of ready to eat sisig (Argentina or Purefoods) that can be bought in the groceries. On a pan, put a little oil. Saute garlic until golden brown. Add the sisig in can and simmer for a minute (no need to add vinegar and soy sauce). Add onions, chopped pork tenderloin and green jalapenos then mix. Remove from heat. Squeeze lime then serve hot.

Add minced red chili if you want it hot.
Add egg on top after removing it from heat.
Serve it on a very hot sizzling plate.


RJ’s New Toy

RJ is already eight years old but still she loves toys. She was hooked into molding clays when she was 4 to 5 years old, then to Barbie when she was 6 and 7 years old. Now, she loves playing monopoly with her friends.
playing monopoly
She is also back to molding clays. She has Play-Doh ice cream maker, then just two weeks ago we bought this Play-Doh burger maker.
burger maker
our daughterclay
Would you believe, the money we used to buy this toy is from RJ’s own savings? She saved P650 ($14) from her baon since June. Hubby just added P150 so RJ can have this. We are so happy and proud that our girl knows the value of money and can already save for something she wants. Yes we can buy this toy for her, but we want her to experience and know the feeling of buying things from her own savings. After buying this toy she told me, “Mommy, ang sarap pala ng feeling (it feels good). I will save again because I want to buy new cellphone. The one with camera.” Waaah!RJ’s favorite gadget aside from her cellphone is our PC. Unlike before wherein she was using it for the games, she now uses it because of You Tube. She is searching for her favorite songs and MTVs on You Tube. I am so amazed how hi-tech children are these days.


The Loner

It was year 1995 when I had my training as a transcriber in a telecommunications company. The training was held for 5 days in UP Diliman. On the very first day, this guy caught my attention. He was a trainee too. A loner I thought for he was not talking to anyone of us. He just talked if he had to ask or answer questions. Lunch time came and the loner guy ate alone. I was so intrigued by this tall, dark man. Is he really a loner or just snob? Those were the same scenarios and questions everyday until the training was over.

First day in the office. Oh, there was the guy again. So he passed the training like me. Finally I saw him smiled. From that day on, we became “barkadas”. We were together everyday; eating lunch, going home, drinking with friends. Until a common friend told me that he has a crush on me. He courted me, I answered him, were sweethearts for three years and finally got married October 30, 1999. Yes, that tall dark guy is now my husband.

Rhonnel is not a loner neither a snob. He said he was just testing the waters that is why he was so silent. And his first impression of me? Smart and “kalog” (can anyone translate this in English). Until now, there are times that we are reminiscing together and he is asking me if I too had a crush on him. My answer is always “none” but I think the first time this loner caught my attention I already fell in love with him.


A Movie for My Enemy

I am thinking of who my enemies are so I can choose the right movie for them and I am glad that there is no one I could think of. But if ever I have, I want to watch this movie with him.

“Behind Enemy Lines” is one of my husband’s favorite movies. The movie is about a navigator who is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops.Why did I choose this movie? It is because I want to tell my enemies, “Do not go beyond your territory, or else I will shoot you”…ehehe. I am a good person but I am always telling my husband that if anyone touches my family, I will show no mercy. I do not know yet what I am capable to do but all I am sure of is I will ruthlessly pursue him and there will be no room for forgiveness.

I know I am just saying that. I am human and humans always have those soft spots in their hearts.