Park and Grocery

Park and grocery are two of RJ’s favorite places. We have no lawn and backyard so park is the only place where RJ can run, roll, jump and bike with no worries. Going to the park is one way of having fun while exploring the nature and she loves it very much.

Grocery day is her most awaited day. We do our grocery only once a month so RJ is excited to replenish her rectangular snack box. I love watching her as she gets her own little cart and shop for her favorite biscuits and drinks. She is even looking at the price tag and put back the item on the shelf if it is too expensive. Our girl is learning now. Doing our grocery with our kids can be a good bonding time and a good way for them to learn on a more practical approach outside school and home.

I was absent from Mommy Moments last week so again, this is a 2-in-1 post. Happy Mommy Moments and a great weekend to everyone!

A Gift to My Bestfriend 20 Years Ago

I have posted already on Topics on Earth about my bestfriend Hazel, my buddy and classmate from elementary to high school. We went separate ways during college days as she studied in Manila and I was left in the province but we had our bonding every summer and went out once in a while when I lived in Manila for my internship.
When Hazel posted this picture on Facebook, I really did not know what to say. I was so overwhelmed. Why? Well, this little heart-shaped pillow was my valentine’s gift to her 20 years ago and she is still keeping it until now in her room in Batangas. Honestly, I forgot about this pillow. It was only when I saw it again that I remembered everything. My mom has these scrap of cloths and I used them to make this pillow with my own hands. I sewed it by hands and bought fabric paint for Hazel’s name and those little flowers. Hazel said she still has the other red pillow that I gave her and she is keeping it in their house in Laguna. I cannot recall what pillow that is but I am sure when I see that one I will remember too.

Sad to say I was not able to keep any souvenir from Hazel as we were NPA then (No Permanent Address) and used to move a lot. Every time we moved to another place, some things were left behind including those Hazel’s gifts. I am sorry, Bes. It does not mean that I love you less. You know how much I care and that I will always be here for you.

Our Talents and Abilities

Talent – a superior, apparently natural ability in the arts or sciences or in the learning or doing of anything. Do hubby and I have talents and abilities?Let me think of hubby’s talents first…hmmm…hmmm…I can’t think of anything. Lol! Well, Rhonnel is not an artistic person. He does not posses any natural ability when it comes to arts and crafts but he is very smart and very good in writing. I am encouraging him to blog but he does not like to because he said he is not patient enough to do what I am doing, blog hopping, researching, etc. Actually he is not patient enough to “butingting” or fix things. So whenever there is something to be fixed in the house, it is better to hire someone who is expert. He is very good in fixing computers though. He is my computer technician and we can save on that aspect. He is a good singer too. He may be not the best but he has this voice that captured my heart.How about me? I am hubby’s total opposite because I am good in arts and crafts. I love to sketch and paint. I am also good in scrapbooking, combining colors and designing and always open and eager to learn new things. As of now, I am making/designing a coffee table book of our wedding and trying to make my own blog layout. I want to do so many things. My only problem is I don’t have much time to do all of them.

I can sew a simple curtain, pillow case or even bed sheet. I can also hold a saw and hammer and make a small shelf or table and chair.  And one more thing, I am good in analysis. I can read a diagram and easily figure out how things are being assembled. So even Rhonnel is not patient to fix things, it is okay for us to buy those furniture to be assembled because I am the one doing that.Sorry, guys if this sounds bragging again. Actually it is only now that I realized I can do so many things.

Beauty and Miracle of Growth

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When I gave birth to RJ, I was overwhelmed as to how the hospital staff treated me. Everyone was accommodating and caring, from the nurses to the doctors. They even gave me some freebies like diapers and other baby products. What I like the most was the pamphlet they gave me about the “Babies’ Growth and Development”. As a first time mom, I needed all the information and advices that I can get on how to take good care of my baby.

Through that pamphlet, I learned how important sleep is for my baby’s growth and development. I was worried at first that RJ might not be getting the sleep she needed because she routinely woke up at night which is common to newborns. What I did is I helped her established a regular pattern of sleep using the miracle reflex with the help of Johnson’s baby oil. Wondering what miracle reflex is? Miracle reflex is a light stroke in the forehead that stimulates a reflex to close baby’s eyes. I damped my thumb with a drop of Johnson’s baby oil and stroke RJ’s forehead lightly, right down the middle to the bridge of her nose. I did the miracle reflex while humming in my low voice and it helped her feel calm and relaxed and soon made her fall asleep.

As RJ grows, I started to massage the other parts of her body. I constantly rubbed her back and tummy round and round while singing her favorite lullaby and milking massaged her arms and legs with Johnson’ baby lotion. This is not just to put her to sleep but for her to feel that she is well nurtured and loved. Whenever she was upset, I just held her, rubbed or cuddled and it calmed her down.

For babies, skin is the main source of contact with parents. They are sensitive to our touch and the way we handle them. They know when they are being cuddled, caressed or rubbed and I didn’t waste that phase of my baby. I registered to her all the love and care that I can give. Well, that was eight years ago. RJ just turned eight last July 23. Yes, she is already eight but I have not graduated from massaging her yet. Only this time I have consolation because she is massaging me back.


My baby grew a healthy, happy, caring and loving child. I cannot help but thank God all the time for the beauty and miracle of growth.

RJ’s 8th Birthday

The picture below was taken inside the operating room eight years ago when I gave birth to RJ via caesarean section. It was an induced labor for 25 long hours and you cannot imagine the pain I went through. I thought I would die and won’t be able to see my baby. When I saw her I cried, tears of joy and relief.
This one was taken inside my hospital room. The proud parents while waiting for RJ to be roomed-in. Rhonnel and I were both excited. I hate it every time Rhonnel went to the nursery to see RJ while I was left in the room.
It was RJ’s 8th birthday yesterday, the reason why I was absent in the blogosphere the whole day yesterday. She hates it when I am blogging. I don’t know why. Maybe because she cannot play in the computer or maybe because I cannot give her my full attention or maybe both. So to make her happy on her special day I let her play her favorite computer games while I was attending to her needs.
We will celebrate her birthday tomorrow at my in-laws’ house so I just cooked pancit and bought her a little cake yesterday. Our gift really made her day. She asked for it and we promised to give it on her birthday, an original Philippine Edition Monopoly; an addition to her scrabble and snakes and ladders.
So more or less you already know what we did last night before hitting the sack, we played monopoly!