My Dream Man

I was obsessed with Mr. Richard Gomez when I was in high school. I even cut out his pictures from the magazines and put them under my pillow, hoping that he will dream of me. How could he? He didn’t even know me. I was so obsessed with him head over heels that I was not thinking straight. So when I finally woke up from a very deep slumber and learned to accept the truth that I can not have him, ehehe, I was dreaming of someone who is closest to his features, someone who is “tall, dark and handsome” with some other traits on my comprehensive list; romantic, intelligent, rich (must have big house and hot car).Well, that was 25 years ago. As the years passed, my romantic idea that the absolute perfect guy is out there changed. My priorities started to shift and so did my “must haves”. I started to dream of marrying someone who is loving, understanding and will appreciate the person I am. And so our good Lord answered my prayers and gave me Rhonnel.

Did I marry my dream man? My answer is “NO” if I will base it on my Mr. Right during my teen years and a big “YES” if I will base it on my Mr. Right when I was already matured. Rhonnel may not be tall and hunk (yes, he is dark, lol!), but he is very loving, understanding and accepted me for who I am. He gets along with my family very well, we share the same values and ideals, he makes me feel very special, he is romantic, a loving husband and a great father. Rhonnel may not be perfect but he has most of the traits that every woman is dreaming of.

Pre-Planned Funeral

My grandfather was known by his family and friends as a very organized man. He always plans things ahead of time. I still remember what he was always telling us, “It is best to be ready at all times for you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.” He has all the insurances I can think of, pension plan, life insurance, etc. What amazed me then was when he acquired a lot from the nearby cemetery and planned for his funeral while he was still alive and kicking.  Because I was too young to understand pre-planned funerals, I found it very pessimistic. When he died, that was the only time I realized that he did the right thing. We did not do anything but mourn because everything is ready. This somehow eased the grief we were experiencing.Planning your funeral is a good idea for preparing for the future. You can select the type of service you want, burial services or cremation services. You can select your casket style, headstone and even the engravings. Most importantly, planning ahead will help your loved ones tomorrow. Your family will have less stress to deal with your funeral arrangements during their morning and/or grieving process.

Funeral Agentis a leading funeral service that you can trust.  It can help and guide you arrange a funeral step by step with competence, care and a great deal of compassion, even before there has been a death. It provides quality, yet affordable solutions for all funeral needs and services.

Pre-planning your funeral may sound weird, pessimistic and uncomfortable but it offers many advantages.  It will relieve your loved ones with difficult decisions and huge burdens in the future.

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

I am a certified bag addict. I don’t know why but I am drooling every time I see bag with good design be it imported or locally made but much more if it is a signature bag like the Coach. Yes, I so love this bag but I cannot buy one because it’s pricey. So when I was blog hopping and happened to bump into this $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest,I can’t help myself from shouting “Yoohoo” that made my daughter asked what is happening to me. Lol! I know, I know, I am not winning yet but at least I have the chance to get a Coach bag. So here I am blogging with glee about this contest.The contest is open to all bloggers worldwide and will run from June 28th until July 28th – so you have the whole month to get your contest entries be counted. Bear in mind, this $300 worth of Coach Satchel bag will be given to the lucky one. It’s okay to submit using your multiple blogs in order to gain more points, this way your possibility of winning is significant.

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Get Good Reviews Before Buying a Car

It’s so easy to buy the hottest looking car if you have the money, however, if you are not really familiar with vehicles, buying a car could be a daunting task. So as to avoid problems and common pitfalls, you need to consider things. The first thing to do is know what kind of car is ideal for you based on your budget, your job/need and your location.Secondly, with all those car recalls and campaigns, even a new car does not always guarantee the buyer will get perfection. Either you may encounter problems about manufacturing defects or poor design. It is best if you will do as much research as you can and understand a lot of information before you ran off to your local dealership. A colleague or trusted friend could help you but they may not know everything about cars like VWcc.

A trusted site like the Car Connection could give you good reviews on the style, performance, quality, safety of the model you are interested in. They can give the latest news stories on Suzuki Equatorand expert reviews on Toyota Tundra. You can rely on the reliability ratings and even compare with the alternative models of the BMW z4. The Car Connection’s complete source for car news, reviews and guides can make your vehicle purchase experience fun and stress-free.

Giveaways from Las Vegas

Another contest is up this month, yoohoo! We have so many generous friends here in blogosphere. And though I am not as lucky as others in winning the contests, I would like to try my luck this time.
Dhemz of Shopping List and Product reviews is having her first ever giveaway contest which will run until July 10. She will be giving away stuffs from Vegas and this is open to all bloggers around the world. Eight (8) lucky winners will be chosen through (she’ll provide the video of the draw).

The criteria is very easy. Here’s all you need to do:
1. Subscribe to her blog
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3. Add her blog/X-links
4. Blog about this contest

Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
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(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

Want to try your luck too?