Sweet Gestures of Love

I am an expressive person and so is Rhonnel. We both love to express how much we care and how much we love each other. I can say that on our 10 years of marriage, the heat is still there. We somehow found ways over the years to show our love for each other. We don’t need Cupid to spice up our love and keep the fire burning. Our secret…sweet gestures of love.

Aside from the daily I love you’s, good nights and sweet dreams, there are lots of ways to impart a hearthwarming thoughts in our head.  I love stashing notes when Rhonnel can surely find them, in his pocket, wallet, and even in his shoes. Sometimes I am telling him that we will just have canned goods for our meal because I am not in the mood to cook but surprise him with his favorite food instead.

As for Rhonnel, he is posting notes on our refrigerator door expressing how much he appreciates everything I do for him and RJ. He loves giving me body massage whenever he knows I am tired because of the day’s work or surprises me with my favorite TV series and we will watch together while cuddling and munching our favorite chips. I like it too when he helps me with the household chores. It is fun when we are doing the laundry or the dishes together.

We both glad that RJ knows how to express her feelings too. Most of the time she is handing us notes with “I love you, Papa and Mama” in it or hug and kiss us while saying how much she loves us.

These simple gestures remind us how much important we are to each other and how much we love each other. Gestures of love are not just a husband and wife or a family thing. You can also show gestures of love to your friends and neighbors by doing little deeds of kindness. It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time and it doesn’t have to take any of your money.

Rodliz’s Nest


Summer is marked by the longest day and shortest nights. This means more outdoor activities and more bonding moments for us. We have scheduled activities this summer and on the top of the list of course is swimming.

Like other kids, RJ loves to dip and play in the water. She swims from 8 a.m. til 4 p.m. and never gets tired. How I wish I have the same stamina as hers.


We also go to zoos and parks and stay there the whole morning. We have picnic mat and foods. It’s a perfect bonding time for my “mag-ama” because they can play longer. I love watching them while they are playing and teasing each other.



Summer also means more biking time for RJ and bonding with her cousins.


Thinking of perfect activities this summer? My list below might help you.

Bake and cook. RJ can have fun decorating and doing the taste test. She loves desserts so we will make grayham cakes, ice candy, mais con yelo and halo-halo together.
Scrapbooking. I will let her do her own scrapbook.
Draw and color. We will draw together as we both love to draw, sketch and color.
Board games. The three of us will play scrabble, snakes and ladders and I am planning to buy word factory.
Sungka. Playing sungka can be a good mother and child’s bonding too.
Make audio and video recordings. RJ loves taking pictures too. Maybe I can let her take pictures and make her own video.
Watch movies. I am starting to download movies for kids. We will watch together whie eating popcorn and our favorite snacks.
Videoke and dance. These are good past times too.

We can also do some outdoor fun like…
Swimming. We have mini pool and weekends are the perfect time for swimming as hubby can swim with us.
Stroll. Take trips to parks and playgrounds in the morning and have a picnic there.
Badminton. RJ and I both don’t know how to play badminton so hubby can teach us this summer and learn together.
Visit grandparents. We seldom visit her grandparents during school days. Maybe we can visit them every other week this vacation.
Arcade games. Playing in the mall’s arcade once in a while can be fun too.
• Or we can visit museums, galleries, ocean parks and zoos.

My Food Blog is Back

My food site is back with a new name “Kitchen Essentials”. Yes, I am pickle-minded most of the time but you can’t blame me because I am a woman (what an excuse!) Seriously, I have lots of time this vacation and since opps are rare, which makes me bored, I decided to customize my old food blog and create a new site.

“Kitchen Essentials” is about foods, recipes, kitchen tips, kitchen equipments, etc., while my new site “Arts, Crafts and More” is about visual arts wherein I will post my drawings and crafts and so as my daughter’s crafts  and anything related to visual arts. 

I would appreciate it very much if you will follow my new sites and add them in your blog roll. If you are interested in exchanging links with me, you can leave your comments together with your blog URL. Thank you in advance and more power to all of you my blogger friends.