Welcome RJ

Mommy Moments’ theme today is “Welcoming a New Sibling”. RJ has no sibling because she’s an only child. I looked for her picture with a newborn cousin but sadly, there’s none so I decided to just share a story when we welcomed her.

Hubby and I strived for two years before the Lord gave us RJ. I had fertility problem so we exerted every effort and money to have a baby. Of course it is always coupled with prayers. When God finally answered our prayers, our home was filled with joy.

It took three days before Rhonnel held RJ. He was afraid that RJ might get hurt with his big hands. RJ looked at him then smiled as if she was saying, “So this is the man with the big voice who is always touching mama’s tummy while I was moving inside.”

The excited grandparents. They were all smiling. RJ is the first grandchild on hubby’s side and first granddaughter on my side. They were in our house every weekend with all those pasalubongs, fruits, cakes, etc.

From then on, our lives changed. RJ brought pleasure to all of us and even her cries were songs to our ears. She became a messenger of peace and love to our home and until now, she still is.



Hubby and I are big fans of Papemelroti. He used to give me gifts from Papemelroti when we were still dating, figurines, stationery, posters, etc. 

What is Papemelroti? Papemelroti is a gift shop that designs products that help encourage, uplift and inspire, as well as bring beauties to home. They have themes for family, friendship, love of God, country and environment. Most of their products are environment friendly because mostly are made of papers. Take note, not just papers but hand-made and recycled ones. Last Christmas, we bought our gifts for friends and hubby’s officemates at Papemelroti. I bought two items for me too. I want to go back there and buy scrapbooking materials. Their items are one of a kind and very affordable.

This is not a paid post. I just want to share this because some of us may not even know that there is an environment friendly gift shop. Check their website for free graphics.